Synagogue - sea eel

Chirashi sushi is a variety of sushi that is served in deep bowls in the form of rice mixed with vegetable and fish ingredients.

Choya - sweet plum wine

Dashi - seaweed broth used in the preparation of soups

Ebi - Shrimp

Gari - Ginger marinated

Gohan- boiled rice

Gunkanmaki - nigiri variety, a type of ’boat'; made of rice, usually wrapped in nori, filled with a variety of stuffing

Hamachi - seriola

Hashi - chopsticks

Hotate - mussel

Ibodai - butterfish

Ika - squid

Itadakimasu - Enjoy your meal.

Kampai - Cheers

Kani - crab meat

Karei - halibut

Konnichiwa - good morning

Madei - Lucjan

Magura - tuna

Sushi poppies - are in the form of rolls with different fillings, which are wrapped in nori seaweed.

Meshi - rice for sushi

Miso - soybean paste

Nigiri sushi is the most popular way of serving sushi. It is associated with the original form of sushi because of its simplicity. Nigiri is a ball of rice layered with a slice of fresh or roasted fish or other seafood.

Nori, Kombu, Wakame - algae rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Uh-huh. Green tea.

Saba - mackerel

Sakana - fish

Sake - Japanese alcohol, a beverage made from rice with 14-18% alcohol content.

Sashimi - thin strips of top quality raw fish

Sayonara, goodbye.

Shoyu- soy sauce, spice, salt replacement

Somena - buckwheat pasta

Sushi - a Japanese dish prepared from rice and various seafood, fish, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. Rice to this dish is sprinkled with rice vinegar invariably.

Tako - octopus

Temaki sushi - cones made of nori seaweed lined with rice and fish and vegetable stuffing. They resemble flowers in appearance due to their shape and rich colouring.

Tempura - pieces of fish, seafood, mushroom vegetables dipped in a special dough, briefly fried in deep oil

Tofu - cottage cheese made from soya milk

Tsukemono - pickled preserves

Unags - freshwater eel

Undenatured wheat noodles

Uramaki - the more common name is california poppy. Uramaki are rolls rolled in reverse, i. e. with rice outside (jap. Ura - in reverse, poppies roll).

Wasabi - Japanese horseradish

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